About Us

We are Naked Soho, London's first sex-themed restaurant!
At Naked Soho, we laugh in the face of censorship. Our founders make a point to celebrate the body, sexuality and freedom. Within days of opening, we had locals knocking on our door and telling us to take down every piece of art visible from the streets in order to "protect" passersby. Protect them from what? The glories of the human body? We had to cover up our venue a bit from the outside but we won't let that bring us down!

We wanted to create a space where people can be as free as possible, where anything goes. If you want to stand next to a wall of dicks and vulvas of all shapes and sizes, who's to stop you? Gay, straight, queer, trans, S&M fetishes, feet kinks - anything you want to be you can be at Naked Soho.


Naked Soho itself is currently closed pending relocation, but we just opened our first ever merch shop with products our customers demanded! From the perfect gifts for your sex-positive friends to a cheeky gift for yourself, check out our new shop!